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SUBJ NUM Title Sustainable Units Semester Offered Course Flags
Prerequisite: Graduate status.
Development of a total agricultural education program in communities using all available resources. The purpose of this course is to expose students to a variety of situations and experiences that improve their ability to develop and implement effective education programs in formal and non-formal community education settings. To achieve this desired end, students (a) acquire an understanding of program development from theory to practice and (b) strengthen or develop their skills in planning, designing, implementing, evaluating, and accounting for educational programs for targeted audiences. 3 hours lecture. (021210)
Prerequisite: Graduate status.
This is an online course designed for graduate students who have a desire to improve their teaching ability by incorporating a variety of teaching methods into the learning setting. Specifically, this course focuses on various learning theories and teaching methods for both formal and non-formal learning situations. This online course is composed of teacher-centered approaches the first half of the semester with a focus on theory. Student-centered approaches consume the second half of the semester with a focus on the application of teaching methods and an emphasis on reflection. Students are expected to access the D2L site for course content and discussions. 9 hours independent study. (021213)
Prerequisite: Graduate status.
Survey of concepts, theories, and practices of leadership, personal development, and group dynamics. Exploration of leadership traits and models with a focus upon how they apply to Agricultural Education. 9 hours independent study. (021214)
Prerequisite: Graduate status.
Techniques in evaluating vocational, technical, and extension education programs. Principles and procedures of evaluation with emphasis on focusing, designing, reporting, and managing evaluation. 9 hours independent study. (021215)
Prerequisite: Graduate status.
This class is intended to serve as the foundation of your graduate-level studies in agricultural and extension education. It is intended to acquaint the student with broader cultural and historical conditions based on a philosophical perspective. This course should give you the ability to formulate some of the assumptions on which you will build your particular knowledge base in agricultural education. Through this knowledge acquisition, the student should investigate their curriculum of study, reminded of this general framework within which the specialized knowledge of agricultural education is explained and formulate your philosophical beliefs. The primary purpose of this course is to provide the student with an examined grounding in the principle divisions of thought (philosophies), seminal events and people in the history of agriculture (history), and decisions made (policy), resulting in the current state of affairs in agricultural education. It has been said that policy is the expression or operationalization of philosophy and policy both creates and is influenced by history. The convergence of these factors determines the future direction of agriculture and agricultural education. 9 hours independent study. (021212)
Prerequisite: Graduate Status.
This course is designed to develop an understanding and application of skills needed to successfully integrate special needs students into the secondary agriculture classroom. Specific modifications for a variety of special needs students are addressed, especially as needed to meet the unique nature of secondary agricultural education classroom. FFA and SAE components. 3 hours lecture. (021278)
Prerequisite: Graduate status.
This course is designed to demonstrate an understanding and application of research through the creation of independent and original work, culminating in a scholarly project. The master's project must document original student work and must be of sufficient quality to share with other professionals. The final project should address a particular need in agricultural education, included documented research, and be presented in a scholarly format. 9 hours independent study. Credit/no credit grading. Formerly AGRI 699P. (021217)
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