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Note: The above listing provides a MAP for each BA, BFA, and BS Degree offered at Chico. For a list of all minor, majors, certificate and masters programs, refer to the list of Academic Programs Listing in the University Catalog.

Major Academic Plan

Each major at Chico State has had a MAP (Major Academic Plan) created to guide you toward completing all the requirements for your degree. You can view MAPS on the Academic Advising Programs website, or visit an academic advisor in SSC 220.

  • Use the 4-year Major Academic Plan (MAP) as a tool to help you graduate in four years!
  • Refer to your MAP to plan the sequence in which you take your courses.
  • Your MAP illustrates an efficient path toward completing your degree, but it is not set in stone. Most GE courses are interchangeable throughout the various semesters.
  • Use your MAP as a checklist to make sure you are completing all your graduation requirements.
  • Use your MAP to identify opportunities to take elective courses in addition to your major – perhaps incorporating a minor, certificate, study abroad, or internship.
  • Discuss your MAP and your options with an Advisor in Academic Advising Programs (SSC 220) and with your Major Advisor.
  • Major Academic Plans (MAP) are reviewed and republished annually between mid-February and May 31st. MAPs from previous years are available via the University Catalog Library.

To Print a map, Use the Print Button within the PDF viewer Frame

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