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Welcome to CSU Chico!

This is CSU Chico's University Catalog, your virtual introduction to one of America’s finest universities.

The catalog is “the online, accessible source of authoritative information on admission and program requirements.” It is also a gateway, introducing students, faculty, staff, and community members to the Chico Experience through the lens of academics. Throughout this site, you will learn about the people, programs, events, and services that set this institution apart as a leader in student learning and success.

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A new partnership between the divisions of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and University Advancement inspired the creation of "The Academic Lens"—a glimpse into CSU, Chico’s rigorous academics! The Academic Lens spotlights unique academic programs, courses, or events offered by CSU, Chico academic departments. Each of the campus' seven colleges and the Center for Regional and Continuing Education is represented in The Academic Lens' rotating content. Each time you visit the University Catalog homepage, one of eight features will appear below. Links to the full story and to additional academic department information follow each snippet.
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CSU, Chico offers unique programs in new technology, giving grads a competitive edge

In a small room in O’Connell Technology Center, imposing racks of computer servers hum constantly in the cooled air. Loops of orange, blue, and yellow wires hang in sharp contrast to the dark, uniform racks of servers. A student sits in deep concentration at a laptop in front of the newest rack, working to bring the equipment online. Once it is up and running, it will join the other servers that are enabling universities worldwide to share curricular materials and instructional technology.

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