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Community Relations

CSU, Chico students have the special opportunity to interact on a daily basis with the City of Chico. Students can learn how the city government operates and what a citizen's responsibility is to the community. Students form a significant part of Chico's population. It is important for students to interact with the town in ways which are considerate and responsible.

The laws of the community do not allow actions that negatively affect the public; these include making excessive noise and drinking alcoholic beverages in public areas. The Chico Police Department endeavors to be understanding of student actions. Students' efforts to cooperate with the police will minimize problems and thereby contribute to a healthy relationship between students and the community. Responsible behavior in our special city will help us all to live more enjoyable and constructive lives. A selected list of city policies follows.

City Policies

For a complete listing of city ordinances, visit the Chico Police Department at 1460 Humboldt Road (530-897-4900), or you can find a complete listing of the City Municipal Code on the City of Chico's webpage. The following are some key city policies and advice that may be of importance to you.


It is unlawful for any person to consume from an open container of alcoholic beverage upon any public street, sidewalk, alley, parking lot, or, where posted, on private parking lots. It is unlawful to possess or consume alcohol in public parks. It is unlawful for a minor to be in possession of or consume any alcoholic beverage.

Animal Regulations

Dogs must be licensed and they must be on a leash when in public areas. No dogs are allowed in public swimming areas and pools. A dog license may be obtained by contacting the City Finance Office at 530-879-7320.


Bicycles must be licensed with the city. The license can be obtained on the Chico State campus at the University Police station or from the City's Finance Office, 411 Main Street, on the first floor. Bicycle riding is prohibited on the sidewalks of the central business district. Cyclists need to obey traffic rules and use considerate, sound judgment. To avoid theft, always use good locks.


Proof of corrections may be obtained at the Chico Police Department between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday–Friday. University Police officers also have the authority to cite and arrest.

City Parking

Uncontested parking citations must be paid within 21 calendar days by remitting payment to P.O. Box 3449, Chico, CA 95927. Failure to pay within 21 days will result in a significant penalty enhancement and may result in a lien being placed on the vehicle at the DMV.

Crime Prevention

To avoid burglary, check with the Police Department Community Outreach Unit for safety precautions.


The city maintains a strict enforcement posture relative to illegal drugs. There are various areas within the city specifically posted as “Drug Free Zones.” These areas carry enhanced penalties for certain types of crimes.

Firearms, Fireworks, and Explosives

It is unlawful to discharge a firearm within city limits. See the Chico Municipal Code for exceptions. Fireworks and explosives are illegal in the City of Chico. This includes sparklers and fire crackers.

Neighborhood Watch

This program involves neighbors participating together to prevent burglaries, sexual assault, and other crimes. For more information, contact the Community Outreach Unit at 530-895-4642.

Park Use

It is unlawful to possess or consume alcohol in public parks. Glass beverage containers are prohibited in all city parks. No dogs are allowed in swimming areas and pools. The use of vehicles is limited in Bidwell Park (see posted signs or check with the police or park departments).


When common sense and moderation are exercised by hosts and guests, parties need not be a police concern. Common problems are excessive noise, illegal parking, littering, public urination, open containers, and alcohol consumption or possession by minors. All of these can and will be cited by city police and may involve severe penalties and fines.

Here are some guidelines:

  • Develop a guest list and adhere to it.
  • Notify your neighbors if you intend to have a party and discuss any concerns with them.
  • Set both starting and ending times for your party, and stick to them.
  • Monitor the sound level by walking down the street to get an idea of the noise level, and keep your sound equipment locked up to prevent others from changing the volume.
  • Provide adequate trash disposal and bathroom facilities.
  • Call the police if you cannot control problems.


Smoking is prohibited in the enclosed areas and within 20 feet of all business doors, windows, and outdoor cafes located within the city, as well as within parks, open spaces, and greenways.

Campus and community contact information

The Office of the President
Kendall Hall 105
President: Gayle E. Hutchinson

Student Affairs
Kendall Hall 110
Vice President: Milton Lang

The City of Chico
411 Main St.
PO Box 3420
Chico, CA 95927

City of Chico Police Department
1460 Humboldt Road
Chico, CA 95928
Emergency calls: 911 or 530-895-4911
Non-emergency: 530-897-4900

Chico Police Community Outreach

City Council Members:
Andrew Coolidge (Mayor)
Kasey Reynolds (Vice Mayor)
Alex Brown
Kami Denlay
Scott Huber
Sean Morgan
Deepika Tandon

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