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In this catalog, you will find a wealth of knowledge about California State University, Chico, an award-winning university and leader in sustainability and student success. As you explore this site, you will discover people, programs, admissions and advising services, and other resources of a university guided by deep and enduring values and committed to student learning. Chico State is a university that leads in teaching, service, and scholarship; this has been our legacy since our founding 129 years ago.

Gayle E. Hutchinson
CSU, Chico President

Read more on the President's Welcome catalog webpage.

Meet the President

CSU, Chico President, Gayle Hutchinson, walks down the aisle in Laxson Auditorium, smiling, with her right arm raised above her head waving to an audience, standing to show their approval and appreciation.

Gayle E. Hutchinson is ready for her [latest] Chico Experience

by Ashley Gebb, Public Affairs and Publications

When Gayle Hutchinson was in the fourth grade, she started her own archeology club and persuaded her best friend to join.

They explored the fields behind their homes, digging up old bottles, farm equipment, and tin cans, and lugged the loot back to her friend’s yard, where they would rope their treasures off like a museum exhibit. After learning about carbon dating, Hutchinson began assigning ages to everything they discovered and sharing origin stories with the other neighborhood children.

It wasn’t long before she was running experiments in her mother’s kitchen, freezing cooking oil and other ingredients to see how they changed with temperature fluctuations. Hutchinson logged countless hours squinting through a magnifying glass at her newest fascinations and plunking out newsletters of her findings on her mother’s typewriter.


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