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Please see the section on Course Description Symbols and Terms in the University Catalog for an explanation of course description terminology and symbols, the course numbering system, and course credit units. All courses are lecture and discussion and employ letter grading unless otherwise stated. Some prerequisites may be waived with faculty permission. Many syllabi are available on the Chico Web.

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SUBJ NUM Title Sustainable Units Semester Offered Course Flags
Significant events in mankind's prehistoric cultural development and their relevance to the present. Human antiquity; the acquisition of culture during the Paleolithic; the beginning of early civilization. Introduction to the methods of archaeology and human paleontology. 3 hours lecture. This is an approved General Education course. This is an approved Global Cultures course. (000491)
Students examine the early civilizations of the Levant with foundations in the Early Bronze Age. The class focuses on Middle and Late Bronze Age period Canaan, the development of villages, towns, and societies during the periods of Canaanite and early Hebrew settlement. The focus of the course is with the cultural, demographic, political, and economic emergence of the nation of Israel with comparisons in the Old Testament and extra-biblical accounts of the period. Tools used in the examination include interpretation of evidence from archaeological excavations, historical materials, biblical and other textual sources, and area studies. 3 hours lecture. (020211)
See ANTH 380. 1 hour lecture, 9 hours supervision. (000500)
Case study examination of fundamental concepts, methods, and changing theoretical orientations of archaeology. Archaeology in the contemporary world, and archaeology as a profession. 3 hours lecture. (000506)
Archaeological survey and excavation; research aims and strategies; archaeological mapping, photography, and recording. 1 hour lecture, 9 hours supervision. (000526)
Prerequisite: Anth 111 or ANTH 301, ANTH 302.
This course will familiarize the student with current applications, developments, and methods in bioarchaeology. The course will emphasize the value of human skeletal studies in the interpretation of past human lifeways, and will address theoretical developments that intersect subfelds within physical anthropology, cultural anthropolgy, and archaeology. Classes will be a combination of lecture, discussion, and student presentations. 3 hours lecture. (020600)
Prerequisites: ANTH 112 or ANTH 302, or permission of instructor.
This course provides an overview and examination of the historical development and prehistory of archaeology in California. Topics include archaeological method and theory, cultural chronologies, regional and temporal patterns in the archaeological record, important sites and their potential links to native peoples in California. Controversial issues and contributions to modern archaeology are also considered. 3 hours lecture. (000572)
Prerequisites: ANTH 112 or ANTH 302, or permission of instructor.
This course examines the method and theory of American historical archaeology as it specifically relates to the broader study of American material culture and sociocultural experiences in North America from the period of European exploration to the recent past through archaeological and documentary evidence. 3 hours lecture. (000574)
Prerequisites: ANTH 112 or ANTH 302.
Zooarchaeology involves the identification and interpretation of animal remains from archaeological sites. Topics covered include the nature of the archaeofaunal record, units of quantification, taphonomy, the selective utilization of animals and subsistence strategies. A variety of case studies will also be reviewed. Laboratory activity centers around the identification of archaeofaunal remains from selected locations in California. 2 hours lecture, 3 hours laboratory. (000602)
Prerequisites: ANTH 380.
Advanced individual training in archaeological fieldwork, including organization of projects, supervision of field crews, use of specialized field techniques, and preliminary analysis of field data. 1 hour lecture, 9 hours supervision. (000604)
Independent supervised training in the methods of data description, interpretation, and presentation. Methods of describing, classifying, analyzing, and illustrating archaeological finds, and the preparation of reports for publications. 6 hours activity. (000609)
Prerequisites: Faculty permission.
This internship is offered in the area of archaeology. Work experience in the community or region is designed for each student. A maximum of 6 units of internship may be counted toward the major. 15 hours supervision. You may take this course more than once for a maximum of 15.0 units. Credit/no credit grading. (020235)
A critical examination of selected theories and methods in archaeology, and/or the generation of new theories and methods pertinent to selected problems in archaeology. 3 hours seminar. You may take this course more than once for a maximum of 6.0 units. (000650)
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