Honors Program

The Honors Program, also called Honors in General Education, adds value to a California State University, Chico degree and enhances opportunities after graduation by providing an innovative, inclusive, and challenging interdisciplinary arts and sciences education that culminates in an integrative capstone project. The program attracts and supports an inquisitive and diverse group of first-year, transfer, and international students through personalized advising, engaged faculty, and intentional community.

Any student committed to excellence is encouraged to apply. (There are no GPA or test score requirements to apply.)

The Honors Program fulfills half of the University's General Education (GE) requirements, as well as other graduation requirements, and requires no additional courses for graduation (except for students in some majors—see the Admissions tab).

Honors Program students receive many benefits, including

  • Early registration for courses.
  • Individual and personalized advising.
  • Community with other honors students.
  • Instruction from award-winning faculty.
  • Student lounge with snacks, computers, and printing.
  • Honors recognition on diploma and transcript.

To graduate with Honors in General Education, students achieve a minimum 3.0 GPA in General Education courses and complete the following GE Areas with Honors (HNRS) courses. Honors Program students in their first year should plan ahead and avoid taking non-HNRS courses in the following GE Areas unless the courses are required for the major.

Students who complete all required courses can also fulfill the University’s diversity requirements (USD and GC), and at least one writing (W) course. In the final year, students complete a two-course capstone that provides an opportunity to complete General Education requirements through immersion in either leadership for social change or research and creativity.

Students may request the following substitutions from the Honors advisor or director:

  • A maximum of two Honors lower-division GE Areas (A1, B1, C1, C2, or F) may be substituted with required GE course(s) for the major or with courses completed prior to admission to Honors
  • A maximum of one Honors upper-division GE Area (B, C, or D) may be substituted with a required GE course or substitution for their major
  • Honors GE Area(s) may be substituted by a successful AP, IB, or CLEP test score
  • Honors GE Area(s) may be substituted by study abroad courses

Honors GE Area(s) may be substituted by GE Area(s) completed by an Adelante student prior to admission to the Adelante Program.