Agricultural Education MS

Total Units Required: 30

Students stand in a cow corral with four cows in front of them at University Farm.

The Master of Science in Agricultural Education seeks to meet the needs of today’s agricultural educators. Courses include topics such as teacher pedagogy, research, communications, and leadership development. The fully online program offers the opportunity to obtain a master’s degree in agricultural education while being employed full time. Graduate students can access graduate level work from respected faculty members across the nation through California State University, Chico participation in the AG*IDEA Consortium while completing master’s coursework. We look forward to providing an innovative approach to address the challenge of time management and travel presented through a traditional graduate degree program.

This master's degree is offered entirely online and partners with the AG*IDEA consortium. Courses are offered from participating universities and instructors across the United States. However, students are enrolled as California State University, Chico students and receive grades and the degree from Chico State.

Graduate Advising Requirement

Students are encouraged to seek advising information from the graduate coordinator prior to enrolling in courses each semester.