Teaching MA

Total Units Required: 30-31

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program, designed for concurrent enrollment in a teaching credential program, offers a coordinated series of learning experiences that are built upon a conceptual framework grounded in social justice and organized around themes of reflection, decision-making, facilitation, continuous learning, research, leadership, and collaboration. The program has a strong connection with public schools and emphasizes the importance of providing pre-service teachers with multiple opportunities for observation, interaction, reflection, facilitation, instruction, collaboration, and leadership in a TK-12 learning community. Upon completion of the MAT program, students receive a Master of Arts in Teaching and will be recommended to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for a teaching credential.

Rows of students sitting at tables pay attention to the teacher inside an elementary classroom.

Program Mission

We believe in the power of education to create a strong democratic and sustainable society that honors diversity and inclusivity. The mission of the School of Education, in collaboration with our community partners, is to support the development of effective, reflective, and engaged educators who value the identities of all students, their families, and the communities they serve. We are committed to scholar-practitioner inquiry and responsible praxis-based pedagogies that serve as tools toward cultivating socially and ecologically just practices in classrooms, local communities, and beyond.

Graduate Advising Requirement

Advising is recommended each semester for MA in Teaching students. Upon admission to the program, graduate students are assigned a faculty advisor. Graduate students are encouraged to meet with their assigned advisors as they begin their program and each semester thereafter. The School of Education Graduate Coordinator oversees the MA in Teaching faculty advisors. All forms and approvals requiring the signature of the graduate coordinator must be processed by the department housing the advising option.