Civil Engineering

A civil engineering student works on a project.


The civil engineering program at California State University, Chico offers broad exposure to all facets of civil engineering with opportunities to specialize in subareas, such as structural engineering or environmental/water resources engineering. The Civil Engineering Department houses the California Pavement Preservation Center (CP2) that provides students opportunities to work on real-world projects related to pavement and transportation engineering. Because our curriculum is packed with hands-on experiences, our students are known by the industry to be plug-in ready for the workforce upon graduation.


Students in our program engage in civil engineering competitions such as concrete canoe, steel bridge, geowall, and water treatment. While not required, most of our students do internships and can fulfill the Technical Elective requirement of their degree through the American Public Works Association (APWA) internship program. 


Civil engineering intersects and is essential for all aspects of life, from providing clean water to drink, to roads that we drive on, to safe buildings that can withstand earthquakes. A growing population, climate change, and aging infrastructure create a high demand for civil engineers. Our alumni work in both public and private sectors, do both field and office work, and use a variety of tools to tackle 21st century problems.