Music Industry and Technology BA

Total Units Required: 120

Students work in the recording arts studio.

The Bachelor of Arts in Music Industry and Technology prepares students for diverse roles in the audio and music industry. Our hands-on curriculum, coupled with practicum experiences in CSU system-leading studios, ensures students acquire valuable skills to prepare them for the music and audio business.

The option in music industry. Areas of study include copyright, publishing, record company administration, management, marketing, and contracting. School of the Arts Productions, the program's practical learning and student-run component, teaches students business skills and how to organize, manage, network, promote, and produce live concerts and events on and off campus.

The option in recording arts. Students build a strong foundation for a successful career in music and sound engineering. Through courses in music, audio recording and mixing, studio operations, and sound design, students develop technical proficiency applicable to diverse contexts, including record production, sound reinforcement, theater sound design, mobile recording, broadcast, studio design, AV installation, and post-production. These skills position our alumni to have successful careers in the professional music and audio technology industry.