Asian Studies BA

Total Units Required: 120

Two Asian students hug each other while surrounded by Chinese lanterns strung across the Kendall lawn during an event.

The Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies provides an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the world’s most populous continent. Students gain understanding of the traditional cultures as well as modern socio-economic structures of Asia through the study of their historical, religious, artistic, and intellectual foundations. Students also acquire intermediate proficiency in an Asian language. The major provides insights into the diverse and dynamic societies of Asia and prepares students to engage with Asian cultures in a variety of careers.

Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of study abroad opportunities in China, India, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, or Thailand. Students studying in an accredited study abroad program in Asia are encouraged to consider undertaking a major or minor in Asian Studies.

Study abroad students should consult with the Asian Studies Coordinator about the transferability of coursework before departing for Asia. It is often possible to complete 24-26 units of the major in a relevant study abroad program, or 15-17 units of the minor.