Media Arts, Design, and Technology

A close-up view of a photographer who is also taking a close-up photo of yellow flowers on campus.


The BA in media arts provides opportunities for undergraduate study toward careers in exciting media and media-related fields such as advertising, film and television production and post-production, web design, broadcasting, and academic scholarship on the media industries.


Facilities. Students have access to writing and information technology computer labs, digital design and print labs, post-production sound and picture editing labs, audio recording rooms, a fully equipped high-definition television studio, and digital photography facilities.

Internships. Internships are transitions between school and work. Internships provide students with academic credit while pursuing on-the-job experiences. Internship opportunities are available throughout California, the US, and around the world.

Communication Activities. Media Arts, Design, and Technology houses a number of student-operated programs and clubs including the MADTech Group (a student-staffed media development group), a student chapter of AIGA (the professional organization for design), the Instructional Design and Technology Association, and the Digital Filmmaker’s Guild.

Career Outlook

In our increasingly fluid mass media landscape, the communication design and media industries play an expanding critical role as dynamic arbiters of communication and education. Energized by rapid developments of new technologies, from visual and audio software to social media platforms, there is an urgent need for experts in the field of media arts, design, and the technologies that inform them. In areas as diverse as industrials, instructional design, scripted entertainment, live broadcasting, photography, social media storytelling, commercial advertising, and even personal media consumption, the importance of communication design and the role of the media industries are as vital as ever.