A philosophy professor shows the gaming equipment that is used in one of her classes.


The Philosophy Department offers a BA in philosophy, as well as a minor in philosophy and a minor in ethics. The faculty is top-notch, with PhDs from Berkeley, Brown, Columbia, Duquesne, Michigan, and Princeton.


One of the best things about majoring in philosophy at California State University, Chico is that students get to take small classes with outstanding faculty, in a very supportive learning community. Students get to know each other well, and conversations from class often spill out into informal discussions after class. There are further opportunities to enrich one’s education in the Philosophy Club or the student group Minorities and Philosophy. Students looking to hone their thinking through competition can join the Ethics Bowl team.


A degree in philosophy will not train you for a specific job, but it will train you to think carefully about difficult subjects where there is no road map and to clearly express your thoughts in writing and speech. These abilities are prized by employers in nearly every industry, and philosophy majors have the highest salary growth trajectory from job entry to mid-career. Philosophy majors also do very well on standardized tests like the LSAT (for law school) and GMAT (for business school). Our graduates work in a variety of fields, including law, technology, and academia.