Gender and Sexuality GE Minor

Total Units Required: 18

This minor encourages curiosity and expands understanding about how we and our fellow beings exist in the context of gender and sexuality. You will be empowered to engage in self-exploration with real-life gender and sexuality issues, in order to develop greater open-mindedness, awareness, empathy and investment in our diverse world. Through a lens of inclusivity and equity, you will think critically about the societal, cultural, political, biological and evolutionary systems that shape gender and sexuality.

Students who are already completing the associated General Education (GE) Gender and Sexuality upper-division Pathway can earn the minor by taking six courses from different GE Areas. Students who complete all courses in the minor will meet the University’s US Diversity (USD) and Global Cultures (GC) requirements, as well as at least one upper-division Writing (W) course.

Gender & Sexuality Equity Center (GSEC) celebrated the LGBTQ+ stories and identities within the community for National Coming Out Day.