Social Science Single Subject Matter Preparation Program

Zoë Smith (left), Leah Nunes (right) work together as the Computational Literacy Across Secondary Settings (CLASS) Program, a teaching credential program on campus.

Course requirements for the Single Subject Matter Preparation Program, in conjunction with a teaching credential program, lead to a single subject teaching credential.

In most majors, candidates for this credential will normally fulfill the Single Subject Matter Preparation Program by completing the appropriate education option in the major. Any exceptions to this procedure are noted at the end of this section. In addition to the Single Subject Matter Preparation Program, completion of an additional teaching credential program is required to qualify for a California teaching credential. Information for prerequisites and other admission requirements to teaching credential programs is available through the School of Education.

If you are interested in obtaining a teaching credential, confer with the appropriate credential advisor early in your University career. Department credential advisors can assist you in planning an educational program that meets both major and credential requirements.

Subject matter preparation requirements are governed by state legislative action and approval of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Requirements may change between catalogs. Please consult with your department credential advisor for current information.

The Bachelor of Arts in Social Science, multidisciplinary studies option, fulfills the Subject Matter Requirement that is necessary for admission to the Single Subject Credential program offered by the School of Education. For other admission requirements please see a credential advisor in the School of Education.