College of Humanities & Fine Arts

The College of Humanities and Fine Arts is home to students who major in our programs and to thousands more who take courses in languages and literatures, history, philosophy, religion, and the visual and performing arts to meet many General Education requirements. Our goal is to offer exciting and engaging courses, extra-curricular opportunities, and degrees that will last a lifetime. It’s not unusual for students at California State University, Chico to double major in two different BA programs or to pair the study of a language or a minor in our college with a major in another discipline.

HFA is what college is all about: exploration of new and exciting ideas in a discipline that you love, having the chance to work closely with fellow students and experience lively and spirited debates, taking advantage of internships in the community or overseas, and mastering important foundational skills that will last a lifetime. If your goal is to find your way in our world and to do it in a way that gives you satisfaction as well as a chance at a meaningful career, this is the college for you! Our graduates can be found in every sector of the economy as our degrees prepare students for lives of change and challenge. We prepare individuals for teaching, business, not-for-profit and public administration, writing and editing, and careers in music, theatre, and art.

When you’re not in class, there’s a lot to keep you engaged on campus. We are home to the School of the Arts, the performing and visual arts center of the University, and offer more than 200 performances and exhibitions a year. We publish Watershed Review, a journal of creative writing; ME: Multicultural Echoes, an international languages literary magazine; and The Historian, essays by students. Our galleries, studios, concert halls, and theatres feature faculty and students as well as guest artists; and our art, music, and theatrical presentations are seen by thousands of campus and community members every year. We are also home to The Turner Print Museum, the Jacki Headley University Art Gallery, and the Humanities Center.

Two Tolliver paintings are seen on the inside walls of the Arts and Humanities Building.