Innovation, Design, and the Arts GE Minor

Total Units Required: 18

The GE Minor in Innovation, Design, and the Arts is a hands-on minor where technology and aesthetics converge. Your coursework centers on historical, cultural, technological and artistic ideas and skills essential to expanding your creative and innovative potential. This transformational thinking complements any major and translates to any career path.

Students who are already completing the associated General Education (GE) Innovation, Design, and the Arts upper-division Pathway can earn the minor by taking six courses from different GE Areas. Students who complete all courses in the minor will meet the University’s US Diversity (USD) and Global Cultures (GC) requirements, as well as at least one upper-division Writing (W) course.

Students Hira Namit (left) and Charvi Grover (right) work on the architectural home designs for rebuilding Paradise that are assisting many families to get back in a home during their internship for Design SI.  Habitat for Humanity picked up one of the three approved plans to be used in building over 120 structures in the area in an effort to rebuild Paradise after the 2018 Camp Fire that devastated the town.