Nursing MS

Total Units Required: 30

The online Master of Science in Nursing provides two options, nurse educator and nursing leadership. 

The option in nurse educator. This option provides a comprehensive foundation in nursing education with a clinical focus in adult health. Graduates of this option are prepared to teach in schools of nursing or within health care agency staff development departments. They are also prepared to provide advanced nursing care in a variety of health care delivery settings.

The option in nursing leadership. This option prepares graduate-level nurses with advanced training in leadership and management to assume formal leadership roles in a variety of health care settings. The online program is geared to meet the needs of working nurses in rural areas. All the major theory courses are offered online; clinical and practice teaching courses can be arranged in the student's local community. The courses are offered in a part-time, two-and-a-half-year cycle. Students are admitted biennially (fall semester) and must begin at the beginning of the cycle.

A nursing student checks an IV line while a supervisor watches.