Interdisciplinary Studies Master's

Total Units Required: 30

The Interdisciplinary Studies program provides students with an opportunity to design unique courses of study leading to the MA or MS degree. Students normally select the program because their individual interests dictate that core courses be drawn from two or three academic areas rather than from a single discipline. If academic or professional goals are not adequately accommodated by University programs in existing disciplines, the Interdisciplinary Studies program may meet the need by allowing specialization in the chosen field.

Career Outlook

Since Interdisciplinary Studies programs are uniquely structured to suit individual needs, the objectives of specific programs vary considerably. The majority of students who select this program have definite occupational goals in mind at the outset. However, others pursue areas of interest that have little or no direct application to their professional lives.

While it is not possible to predict future employment opportunities for Interdisciplinary Studies graduates, this program provides a vehicle for meeting the needs of students with unusual, creative, and interdisciplinary professional or academic goals.

Graduate Advising Requirement

Once the program plan is developed and approved, advising is recommended but not mandatory each semester for Interdisciplinary Studies students. For further information, consult the graduate coordinator.

Streamers sail over graduate students that were honored during their Master's Commencement Ceremony.