Latin American Studies BA

Total Units Required: 120

Two students dressed in traditional Mexican dresses pose under the Laxson Auditorium archway.

The Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies offers students an interdisciplinary perspective on the vibrant and diverse countries and cultures of Latin America. Students gain an understanding of the various cultural practices and worldviews of the broad region and critically analyze complex issues by applying different theoretical frameworks in the humanities and social sciences. Students develop the language skills and cultural understanding needed to engage in and negotiate contemporary societies of Latin America.

This low-unit major is valuable for students pursuing careers in Spanish, agriculture, anthropology, business, geography, history, international relations, and political science. The major prepares students for careers in business, education, journalism, sustainable development, recreation, and travel, as well as job opportunities in government and non-governmental agencies.

Students are encouraged to study abroad in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, and Uruguay.