Advanced Manufacturing and Applied Robotics BS

Total Units Required: 120

Manufacturing students work in the lab.

The Bachelor of Science in Advanced Manufacturing and Applied Robotics prepares graduates for a variety of careers in today’s modern manufacturing workplace. The faculty provide students with a broad undergraduate experience in math, science, business, and the humanities, as well as laboratory courses with a practical, applications orientation. The knowledge and skills gained will enable students to become Certified Manufacturing Technologists (CMfgT), after passing a comprehensive examination administered by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME).

Advanced Manufacturing and Applied Robotics Program Objectives

The program's objectives are best defined in terms of the following attributes of its graduates.

  1. First and foremost, graduates from California State University, Chico's Advanced Manufacturing and Applied Robotics program understand how products are designed, produced, and tested, while meeting the business, environmental, and social responsibilities associated with the production and development of goods.
  2. They have expertise in today’s modern manufacturing tools including automation, sensing, programming, and robotics.
  3. They understand the fundamental behavior of materials and the testing techniques used to determine material properties.
  4. They have a solid foundation of materials processing technologies including additive, subtractive, and nano-scale manufacturing techniques for metals, polymers, and composites.
  5. They are able to integrate project management, quality assurance methods, supply chain management, and the economic, technical, environmental, and societal issues involved in manufacturing.
  6. They are effective at communicating their ideas in oral, written, and graphical form.
  7. They function effectively as members of interdisciplinary teams.