Media Arts BA

Total Units Required: 120

A student sets up a video camcorder as two others stand next to him waiting for their turn.

The Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts provides opportunities for undergraduate study toward careers in exciting media and media-related fields such as advertising, film and television production and post-production, web design, broadcasting, and academic scholarship on the media industries.

There are two options available to students pursuing a BA in media arts.

The option in media arts criticism. This option focuses on the history, theory, and context of the media industries in terms of their political, social, and cultural impact. Students become scholars of media, studying the ideology, theory, and history of mass media production and consumption. This option prepares students for opportunities as scholars of the media industries, whether as critics, festival programmers, historians, or documentarians, as well as for the pursuit of advanced degrees in media-related disciplines.

The option in media arts production. This option provides education in all forms of digital media, including digital photo, video, audio, production, and post-production. Many graduates go on to careers in audio and picture editing, cinematography, scriptwriting, producing, directing, media sales, television news, and other facets of media production and broadcasting.