Languages and Cultures

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Programs in the Department of Languages and Cultures are designed to help students develop the linguistic and cultural knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to a multilingual, international society.

Majoring in a language means studying the language and culture of the people and places where the language is spoken. Knowledge of a foreign language deepens understanding of one's own language and culture and contributes toward a greater appreciation of other cultures. Area studies majors further attain an interdisciplinary perspective on a diverse region of the world.


Language instruction is oriented toward practical usage. In addition to Spanish for both non-natives and heritage speakers, LANC offers Spanish classes for professional applications. Students also have opportunities to gain mentored, hands-on language teaching experiences. Extracurricular offerings include Spanish, French, German, and Japanese Fusion Clubs that host a variety of events each year, weekly language conversation hours, and academic honor societies.

Many LANC students opt to spend part of their time as a student at California State University, Chicoi studying abroad. A multitude of opportunities exist—there is quite literally a program to fit every student's needs. Whether you choose to spend a year abroad through one of the California State University International Programs, or a year, semester, or summer through AIFS, USAC, direct exchange, or via a faculty-led program abroad in one of dozens of countries, you will be able to apply that academic work toward a major or minor in languages and/or area studies, as well as toward another major or minor and/or General Education and other graduation requirements. A program advisor in LANC or a study abroad advisor can help you choose the program that is right for you.


Intercultural competence opens the door to many exciting careers. Proficiency in a world language and/or a degree in area studies leads to careers in international business, marketing, foreign intelligence and diplomacy, travel and tourism, entertainment, media and public relations, communications, translation/interpretation, teaching, and many service professions, to name but a few. Students specifically interested in careers in language education in the U.S. or abroad can enhance their employment potential by completing the MA in language teaching.

At the same time, in today's globalized world, a language and/or area studies major enhances a candidate's attractiveness to employers in most career fields. Proficiency in another language, but also the cultural awareness and general communication skills that are attained as part of the major are highly valued by employers.