Journalism and Public Relations

Two students work in front of a computer at The Orion student-run newspaper.


The Department of Journalism and Public Relations offers options in news and public relations, but really so much more. News and PR students learn extensive, employable skills common to modern communication platforms. For example, you’ll learn to professionally manage social media for yourself and for clients. You’ll learn how to produce the video, audio, and still imagery that drives modern media. Finally, you’ll learn, refine, and carefully sharpen your writing so you’re an attractive candidate in news media, public relations, and so many other professions. Where we truly stand out is with small enrollments in core skills classes with experienced, responsive faculty who give you their full attention in class and whenever you need their help.


The student experience in Journalism and Public Relations is hands-on. You’ll learn visual skills, audio skills, and writing skills in small labs with dedicated professors. And all of our students have internship, portfolio-generating experiences at either our student-run, award-winning newspaper, The Orion, or at our student-managed in-house PR firm, Tehama Group Communications. You leave our program professionally prepared, employment-ready, and connected with an extensive network of alums who are ready to hire you.


Graduates of our program are a hot commodity for employers in many areas. Where at one point in time, most of our graduates went primarily to newspapers or PR agencies, changing times have led to a much broader range of employment opportunities, often with higher pay and flexibility than more traditional routes.

News graduates often work in these areas:

  • News research, reporting, and writing
  • Editing and publishing
  • Broadcast news and websites
  • Entertainment and sports
  • Education
  • Community newspapers
  • Business communications

Public relations graduates often work in these areas:

  • Nonprofit communications
  • Tech PR
  • Public affairs or governmental PR
  • Consumer PR
  • Media relations
  • Entertainment and sports PR
  • Crisis communication
  • Legal PR
  • Health care PR