General Education

California State University, Chico’s innovative and nationally recognized General Education (GE) program organizes courses into thematic pathways and allows the opportunity to earn an interdisciplinary minor that will enhance the resume of students in any major.

GE courses don’t prepare you for a specific job; they prepare you for any job, by teaching you how to think critically, how to write effectively, how to problem solve, and how to build just societies and restore a sustainable planet.

GE Minors

Students can earn a GE minor by taking six courses from different GE areas that explore a common theme. The GE minors are designed to ensure that students who complete the minor will meet the University’s US Diversity (USD) and Global Cultures (GC) requirements, as well as at least one upper-division Writing (W) course.

Honors in GE

To graduate with Honors in General Education, students achieve a minimum 3.0 GPA in General Education courses and complete eight GE areas with Honors (HNRS) courses.