Sustainability and Climate Change GE Minor

Total Units Required: 18

Climate change and environmental inequality will affect every part of your life and those of your families, and communities. This minor brings together ethics, history, and the natural and social sciences to collectively imagine and design the solutions our society needs. No matter what major you pursue, this minor combines analytical skills with cultural understanding to prepare you for a purposeful life and meaningful livelihood addressing pressing issues of our common environment. 

Students who are already completing the associated General Education (GE) Sustainability and Climate Change upper-division Pathway can earn the minor by taking six courses from different GE Areas. Students who complete all courses in the minor will meet the University’s US Diversity (USD) and Global Cultures (GC) requirements, as well as at least one upper-division Writing (W) course.

Signs display the campus as the National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat, which recognizes it for its commitment to sustainability and provide the essential elements of wildlife habitat.