Diversity Requirements

You must complete a minimum of two courses that focus primarily on cultural diversity. At least one course must be in U.S. Diversity and at least one in Global Cultures.

U.S. Diversity Course Requirement: 3 units

One course must be selected from the following U.S. Diversity course lists.

Courses satisfy both General Education and U.S. Diversity requirements:

Course Title Units
AFAM/HIST 231African American History3
AIST/HIST 230The American Indian3
AIST/ENGL 252American Indian Literature3
AIST/ANTH 261Peoples and Cultures of Native North America3
AIST/ANTH 362WCalifornia Indians (W)3
ANTH/AIST 261Peoples and Cultures of Native North America3
ANTH/AIST 362WCalifornia Indians (W)3
ARTH 130Art History Survey: 1800 to the Present3
CHLD 252Child Development3
CHLD 255Marriage and Family Relationships3
CHLD 333WChildren's Gender and Sexuality Development (W)3
CHLX/FLNG/HUMN 254Chicana/o Arts and Ideas3
CMST 235Intercultural Communication Theories and Practice3
ENGL/AIST 252American Indian Literature3
ENGL 264WAmerican Ethnic and Regional Writers (W)3
ENGL 350WScience, Technology and the Literature of Cultural Change (W)3
ENGL 353Multicultural Literature: Issues and Themes3
ENGL 364WAmerican Ethnic and Regional Literature in Focus (W)3
FLNG/CHLX/HUMN 254Chicana/o Arts and Ideas3
FLNG 355Bilingualism in North America3
GEOG 105California Cultural Landscapes3
GEOG 106The American West3
GEOG 352The United States3
HIST/AIST 230The American Indian3
HIST/AFAM 231African American History3
HIST/WMST 335Gender and Sexuality in American History3
HIST 341WAmerican Environment (W)3
HNRS 393Leadership, Power, and Change: Theory to Practice3
HUMN/CHLX/FLNG 254Chicana/o Arts and Ideas3
HUMN 300Conservatives and Liberals3
HUMN 300WConservatives and Liberals (W)3
INST 110WIntroduction to International Engagement (W)3
JOUR 210Pop Culture and Media Innovation3
JOUR/WMST 211Gender and Sexuality in Media3
MCGS 140Learning from Men of Color in Leadership3
MCGS 145Learning from Women of Color in Leadership3
MCGS/RELS 224Religion and Ethnic Diversity in America3
MCGS/RELS 224WReligion and Ethnic Diversity in America (W)3
MCGS/SOCI 240Food Justice3
MCGS/THEA 315Performance of Identity3
MCGS 350Issues in Racial and Ethnic Equity3
MCGS/POLS 401WSexual Minorities Law/Politics (W)3
MJIS/RELS 204WThe Stories of Judaism (W)3
MJIS/RELS 205Antisemitism and Islamophobia3
MUSC 291American Music: Its History and International Influence3
NFSC 200Health at Every Size: A Non-Diet Approach to Wellness3
NFSC 200WHealth at Every Size: A Non-Diet Approach to Wellness (W)3
PHIL 106Ethics for College Life and Beyond3
PHIL 336American Indian Environmental Philosophies3
PHIL 337WPhilosophy of Race (W)3
POLS 112Law, Politics, and Justice3
POLS 250Introduction to Criminal Justice3
POLS 365WTheories, Practices, and Administration of Justice (W)3
POLS/MCGS 401WSexual Minorities Law/Politics (W)3
PSYC 151Socio-Cultural Context of Psychological Development3
PSYC 391Psychology of Prejudice, Hate, and Violence3
QTST 310Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Issues and Identities3
QTST 310WLesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Issues and Identities (W)3
RELS/MJIS 204WThe Stories of Judaism (W)3
RELS/MJIS 205Antisemitism and Islamophobia3
RELS/MCGS 224Religion and Ethnic Diversity in America3
RELS/MCGS 224WReligion and Ethnic Diversity in America (W)3
SOCI/MCGS 240Food Justice3
SOCI 335Women, Work, and Family3
SOCI 420Environmental Sociology3
SOSC 302Temporal Concepts: California Ethnic History3
THEA/MCGS 315Performance of Identity3
WMST 170Introduction to Women's Studies3
WMST/JOUR 211Gender and Sexuality in Media3
WMST/HIST 335Gender and Sexuality in American History3
WMST 339Cultural Images of Women3

Courses satisfy the U.S. Diversity, but not the General Education requirement:

Course Title Units
AFAM/MUSC 296African American Music3
CHLD 451Working with Families in Diverse Communities: Advanced3
CHLX 358Latinx in Contemporary Society and Social Justice3
ENGL 458Early American Literature3
ENGL 459Later American Literature3
ENGL 467Teaching Multicultural Literature3
HIST 352Early America to 17873
HIST 353US History from 1787 to 18773
HIST 354US History from 1877 to 19453
HIST 355US History from 1945 to the Present3
HIST 433The Civil War and Reconstruction3
HIST 442The Westward Movement3
HIST 445History of California3
HIST 446History of the American South3
MCGS/POLS 327The Politics of Race and Ethnicity in the United States3
MUSC/AFAM 296African American Music3
NFSC 429WCultural Food (W)3
PHHA 328Health Equity3
PHIL 357Feminist Philosophy3
POLS/MCGS 327The Politics of Race and Ethnicity in the United States3
RHPM 326WRecreation Therapy and Inclusion (W)3
SWRK 200Diversity and Social Justice3

Global Cultures Course Requirement: 3 units

One course must be selected from the following Global Cultures course lists. 

Courses satisfy both the General Education and Global Cultures requirements:

Course Title Units
ABUS 390World Food and Hunger Issues3
AFRI/ANTH 376WAfrica: Continuity and Change (W)3
ANTH 112Introduction to Archaeology3
ANTH 113Human Cultural Diversity3
ANTH 116Power, Violence, and Inequality3
ANTH 140Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion3
ANTH/ASST 200Cultures of Asia3
ANTH 333Nature, Culture, Environment3
ANTH 340Anthropology of Food3
ANTH 340WAnthropology of Food (W)3
ANTH/AFRI 376WAfrica: Continuity and Change (W)3
ANTH 377Anthropology of the Islamic World3
ANTH 377WAnthropology of the Islamic World (W)3
ARAB 101ABeginning Arabic I4
ARAB 102ABeginning Arabic II4
ARAB 201Intermediate Arabic I4
ARAB 202Intermediate Arabic II4
ARTH 100Art Appreciation: Multicultural Perspectives3
ARTH 110Art History Survey: Prehistory to Medieval3
ARTH 120Art History Survey: Renaissance to 18003
ARTH 150Survey of Arts of the Americas, Oceania, and Africa3
ASST/ANTH 200Cultures of Asia3
CHLD 272Children in a Changing World3
EFLN 170English as a Foreign Language3
ENGL 203Global Adaptations of Shakespeare in Film3
ENGL 258WWorld Literature (W)3
FLNG 340WWorld Literature in Translation (W)3
FLNG 380Language and Culture in Film3
FREN 101First-Semester French4
FREN 102Second-Semester French4
FREN 201Third-Semester French4
FREN 202Fourth-Semester French4
GEOG 102Peoples, Places, and Environments3
GEOG 301WGlobal Economic Geography (W)3
GEOG 303Geography and World Affairs3
GEOG/LAST 357Lands and Peoples of Latin America3
GERM 101First-Semester German4
GERM 102Second-Semester German4
GERM 201Third-Semester German4
GERM 202Fourth-Semester German4
HIST 101World History to 14003
HIST 102World History since 14003
HIST 205WGlobal Environmental History (W)3
HIST/MEST 261/RELS 202Islam and the World3
HIST 305Catastrophe, Memory, and Society3
HIST/WMST 326Gender and Sexuality in Modern European History3
HIST/MEST 362Middle Eastern Empires3
HIST/MEST 362WMiddle Eastern Empires (W)3
HIST/MEST 363The Modern Middle East3
HIST/LAST 382Modern Mexico3
HIST/LAST 382WModern Mexico (W)3
HNRS 101Arts3
HUMN 224WAsian Film and Literature (W)3
HUMN 281Food and Film3
HUMN 281WFood and Film (W)3
ITAL 101First-Semester Italian4
ITAL 102Second-Semester Italian4
ITAL 201Third-Semester Italian4
ITAL 202Fourth-Semester Italian4
JAPN 101First-Semester Japanese4
JAPN 102Second-Semester Japanese4
JAPN 201Third-Semester Japanese4
JAPN 202Fourth-Semester Japanese4
KINE 247World Sports and Games3
LAST 110Introduction to Latin American Studies3
LAST 120Latin American Film and Culture3
LAST/PHIL 226Latin American Philosophy3
LAST/GEOG 357Lands and Peoples of Latin America3
LAST/HIST 382Modern Mexico3
LAST/HIST 382WModern Mexico (W)3
MEST/HIST 261/RELS 202Islam and the World3
MEST/HIST 362Middle Eastern Empires3
MEST/HIST 362WMiddle Eastern Empires (W)3
MEST/HIST 363The Modern Middle East3
MUSC 290World Music3
NFSC 310Global Nutrition3
PHIL/LAST 226Latin American Philosophy3
PHIL 323WMoral Issues in Parenting (W)3
PHIL 341WJustice and Global Issues (W)3
POLS 102Politics of the Developing World3
PSSC 390Food Forever: Comparisons of Sustainable Food Production Systems3
PSSC 392World Food and Fiber Systems3
RELS 110Introduction to Spiritual Traditions of Asia3
RELS 180Introduction to Spirituality and Religion in California3
RELS 202/HIST 261/MEST 261Islam and the World3
RELS 247WReligion, Ethics, and Ecology (W)3
RELS 264Dying, Death, and Afterlife3
RELS 264WDying, Death, and Afterlife (W)3
RELS/WMST 275Women and Religion3
RELS/WMST 275WWomen and Religion (W)3
RELS 332World Religions and Global Issues3
SOCI 354Global Perspectives on Ethnicity and Nationalism3
SOCI 370Population and Migration3
SPAN 101First-Semester Spanish4
SPAN 102Second-Semester Spanish4
SPAN 201Third-Semester Spanish4
SPAN 201CSpanish for the Professions I4
SPAN 201NSpanish for Spanish Speakers4
SPAN 202Fourth-Semester Spanish4
SPAN 202NSpanish for Spanish Speakers4
THEA 251World Theatre3
WMST 233Women Internationally3
WMST/RELS 275Women and Religion3
WMST/RELS 275WWomen and Religion (W)3
WMST/HIST 326Gender and Sexuality in Modern European History3

Courses satisfy the Global Cultures, but not the General Education requirement:

Course Title Units
ARTH 140Asian Art Survey3
ASST/HIST 377Gender in East Asian History3
ENGL 464Modern World Literature3
HIST 371African History3
HIST 373Premodern East Asia3
HIST 374Modern East Asia3
HIST/ASST 377Gender in East Asian History3
HIST 380Colonial Latin America3
HIST 475Modern China3
JAPN 330WJapanese Culture and Civilization (W)3
PSYC 341Cross-Cultural Psychology3
SOCI 356Genocide3
SOSC 303Cultural Concepts: Human Social Evolution3
SOSC 303WCultural Concepts: Human Social Evolution (W)3