Philosophy BA

Total Units Required: 120

A student sitting underneath a tree with an open book in her lap stares off into space.

Philosophy is a first choice for students who want to develop an ability to think clearly and reason well, and who want to find answers to life's most important questions, such as:

  • Do people really have free will?
  • Can computers think?
  • What is an ethical life?
  • What moral obligations do I have to other people? To nonhuman animals? To the environment?
  • What does identity consist in? What makes a person the same person over time? How should we understand race, gender, and other aspects of identity?
  • Is it possible to know anything with absolute certainty?
  • Does the universe have a purpose? Does life?
  • Is there a God? Does it make a difference if there is or isn't a God?
  • What makes one's life a good life?

If you enjoy deeply engaging discussions about God, reality, ethics, politics and religion, then the Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (or the minor) is for you.