Political Science MA

Total Units Required: 30

The primary mission of the political science MA program is to provide high-quality instruction and training representing the breadth and depth of knowledge in the field to prepare our graduates for a wide variety of options after completing the Master of Arts in Political Science. We offer a traditional approach to the MA to serve the diverse needs of our students and prepare them for a number of scholarly and professional pursuits. Some of our graduates go on to pursue a PhD or law degree, others teach at community colleges or high schools, and others seek careers in government, politics (e.g., as lobbyists, policy analysts, campaign consultants), and in business and the nonprofit sector. We also encourage political science MA students to integrate applied experiences, such as teaching and internships, into their program of study.

An American flag and a sign that says, "Vote Here" are seen on the windows next to an open door where inside the room people are waiting in line to vote.