Marketing Minor

Total Units Required: 21

The Minor in Marketing is open to non-business administration majors as well as students majoring in business administration (all options other than marketing). This minor is especially relevant to students seeking to complement their primary degrees by gaining a deeper understanding of consumers and markets. Students gain experience in the areas of sales, branding, advertising, digital marketing communications, and overall marketing strategy. Non-business majors must meet with Business Student Advising and Services (GLNN 321, 530-898-4480) and formally declare the minor prior to enrolling in courses.

Alumni Jean-Phillippe Bergmann (right) talks about the science to College of Business (BUS) faculty that take a tour of the Lundberg Family Farms as part of the first Hanft Lecturer in Business "learning tour" in Richvale, Calif. Faculty received a special "farm tour" where they can get out in the rice fields, see the grain silos and solar arrays, watch them manufacturer rice cakes, and learn about rice commodity markets, logistics, and marketing.