Teaching Credential Program in Agriculture

A student holds a pig in front of the Swine Unit at University Farm.

The Single Subject Matter Preparation Program in Agriculture and the Specialist Teaching Credential in Agriculture

There are two credentials available for students who wish to pursue a career as an agricultural education teacher in California: the single subject teaching credential and the Agriculture Specialist Instruction Credential. The Single Subject Teaching Credential in Agriculture authorizes the holder to teach in the classroom. Candidates who fulfill the requirements for the Agriculture Specialist Instruction Credential are prepared to teach in out-of-classroom settings such as serving as an FFA advisor and Supervised Agricultural Experience Program supervisor.

The Single Subject Teaching Credential in Agriculture includes two components, a Subject Matter Preparation Program and a professional education program. Students can complete the Subject Matter Preparation Program by completing the agricultural science and education option. Students completing another option or major in agriculture should consult the agricultural credential advisor to identify additional course requirements. Candidates may also demonstrate subject matter competence by successfully passing the appropriate California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET). The subject matter preparation advisor is responsible for verifying that subject matter preparation has been completed.

The professional preparation component of the Single Subject Teaching Credential includes professional education courses, a part-time Practicum I, and a half-time Practicum II student teaching experience. This portion of the credential program is administered by the School of Education. For prerequisites and other admission requirements for professional education programs, contact the School of Education.

You may want to consider adding the following courses to your undergraduate program: EDTE 302, ENGL 471, and EDTE 451. All of these courses are prerequisites for the credential program.

All credential candidates recommended by California State University, Chico are authorized to teach all students, including English language learners, in the regular classroom.

The requirements for the Agriculture Specialist Instruction Credential include a series of agricultural education courses and a student teaching experience. These courses are included in the agricultural science and education option. Student teaching is combined with the student teaching experience required for the Single Subject Teaching Credential in Agriculture.

If you are interested in obtaining your credentials, confer with the appropriate credential advisor(s) early in your university career. Credential advisors can assist you in planning an educational program that will prepare you for both the BS in agriculture and the teaching credential requirements.