Computer Animation and Game Development

Students on desktop computers during a class.


Do you want to make video games or animations? Do you want to be a digital animator, video game producer, 3-D modeler, texturing specialist, VFX designer, game designer, game programmer, or motion capture expert? Do you want to make the most of your creativity? If so, Computer Animation and Game Development can help you develop the skills in demand in the video game and entertainment industries. Computer Animation and Game Development is the synergy of creativity and technology and affords you an opportunity to put your imagination to work in this realm of collaborative teams creating multimedia experiences.

Founded in 1999, the Computer Animation and Game Development Program sought to teach the skills required for an innovative new industry. For over 20 years, the program has continued to evolve and grow to meet the needs of students seeking a career in a rapidly expanding creative industry. Now, the program is run by a team that works together to combine art and technology as a means of expressing creative minds. With a strong foundation in teaching and industry experience, faculty teach students each day to design rich multimedia experiences that communicate, inform, and entertain.


The CAGD Program focuses on hands-on collaborative experiences. Courses are designed to provide instruction in industry-standard tools and techniques as well as formal processes and pipelines of 3D animation, computer-generated imagery, and game production. Production studio courses see students work in teams to create animations, video games, and 3D experiences in a real-world studio environment.

The Computer Graphics Club (CGC) is a student-run club that provides a place for aspiring creators to meet fellow creatives, discuss industry trends and ideas, and network with each other and alumni. The club holds regular meetings and social activities as well as hosts special events.


With virtually limitless career possibilities, the CAGD Program is proud to provide its students with skills including animation production, CGI, agile development, game scripting, augmented/virtual reality, motion capture, lidar scanning, and photogrammetry. Our diverse student population enters careers in the lucrative fields of video games, film, television, and commercials, as well as scientific research and a host of other enterprises.

Our alumni currently work across a wide variety of industry companies including 2K Games, Epic Games, Weta Digital, Sony Imageworks, Ubisoft, Pixar, Blizzard, and more as part of the rapidly growing $2.2 trillion global game and entertainment industry.