Business Communication (BCOM)

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BCOM 300W  Communication in Business (W)  3 Units  W, GW  
Prerequisite: GE Written Communication (A2) requirement, sophomore standing.  
Typically Offered: Fall and spring  
Emphasis is on solving business problems through the strategic design of verbal, print, and electronic messages. Models for effective business documents, presentations, meetings, and interpersonal as well as electronic project interaction are applied to business communication problems. Related technology use, etiquette, cultural differences, and ethical considerations are highlighted. 3 hours lecture.  (005687)  
Grade Basis: Graded  
Repeatability: You may take this course for a maximum of 3 units  
Course Attributes: Upper Division; Writing Course; Graduation Writing Assessment  
BCOM 504  Communication for Personal and Professional Success  1.5 Units  
Prerequisite: Open to declared Online MBA students only.  
Typically Offered: Fall and spring  
Effective business communication is central to success in business. Students learn how to be effective and persuasive communicators. The foundation for this begins with students developing an understanding of their strengths, communication style, professional goals, and career aspirations. Furthermore, interpersonal, written and presentation skills will be developed for professional success. To become more effective and skilled communicators, students focus on selected approaches to intrapersonal, interpersonal, and organizational communication. Finally, the course includes processes moving personal and professional understandings into actionable plans. 1.5 hours lecture.  (022271)  
Grade Basis: Graded  
Repeatability: You may take this course for a maximum of 1.5 units  
Course Attributes: Upper Division